CIRCUS. A Photobook coming soon.

I have spent the past 12 months living on the road and
travelling around the UK in my self-built campervan.
During this time, I shot new projects that explore the liminal
spaces between human experience and the natural world.
These include living with a circus and off-grid communities in Scotland.

Being from Lancashire and its countryside, my work
is deeply rooted in my engagement with nature and diverse people.
I create raw, emotive imagery that captures the essence of the world
around. Shot entirely on film, my work explores the boundaries
between the self and the natural environment, inviting the viewer to
engage with themselves and their surroundings in a more authentic,
meaningful way.

I have won several prestigious awards at the AOP and
exhibited alongside celebrated artists at the National Portrait
Gallery, London and the Moray Arts Centre, Scotland.
My ultimate goal is to create art that moves people, connects
them to the world around and nurtures a greater sense
of empathy, compassion, and understanding.